Warm air furnaces:

Warm air furnaces are an excellent way to heat your home and can be equipped with an optional "A coil" to provide air conditioning as well.  These units also offer the benifit of cleaning the air in your home when paired with a high quality air filter.  There have been some great advances in oil fired warm air heating in recent years as well. 

With the introduction of the condensing warm air furnace, these units can now reach efficiancy ratings of 97% and be vented through the wall with PVC piping.  Their exhaust gas is a mere 110 degrees farenheit, meaning no costly fuel losses up the chimeny.

Another great advancement has been the use of ECM or electronically commutated motors.  These motors will provide an estimated $38 to $75 per year savings on your electric bill for units without air conditiong, and an estimated $144 to $182 per year for units with air conditioning.



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Kerr Paradigm

The KERR PARADIGM condensing oil-fired warm air furnace represents a shift forward in oilheating technology. Hyper efficient. Maximized savings. Greenhouse gas friendly. Remarkably comfortable.


The Paradigm’s condensing technology delivers a leap forward in efficiency. Capable of steady state efficiencies up to 97%, the Paradigm is significantly more efficient than most ENERGY STAR qualified oil-fired furnaces. Higher efficiency means reduced fuel consumption and that means lower fuel bills for you, year after year.


In addition to improved efficiencies the Paradigm yields big electrical savings. Part of the KERR MAX series of furnaces, the Paradigm is equipped with an electronically commutating motor (ECM) which substantially reduces furnace fan electricity usage. These savings multiply if you use your furnace as part of an air conditioning or air circulation system.


The Paradigm can decrease greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by up to 3300 pounds per year per unit depending on operational factors.


“It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”. You’ve heard the saying. Well, the Paradigm’s innovative control by Granby labs dehumidifies and cools like no other. The Paradigm takes advantage of Kerr ECM technology and the full capability of today’s high efficiency two stage air conditioning equipment. In summer, the Paradigm extracts the maximum amount of humidity from the air by slowing air movement down before the AC system chills it. We call it TRUE AIR MODULATION . Our patent-pending system also tempers those bothersome blasts of air during heating season, delivering a steady, constant heat.


The Paradigm is designed to seamlessly integrate with other heating/cooling appliances such as heat pumps, wood and electric-fired furnaces.

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Kerr Eclipse

The Kerr Eclipse is an excellent oil fired warm air furnace.  It features an advanced heat exchanger to maximize the use of your fuel.  The Eclipse is a "lowboy" furnace allowing it to be installed in almost any retrofit application.  The Eclipse can be paired with the optional ECM or electronically commutated motor to provide even more energy savings.  These motors will provide an estimated $38 to $75 per year savings on your electric bill for units without air conditiong, and an estimated $144 to $182 per year for units with air conditioning.

ECM Motors

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ECMs are DC motors that function using a built-in inverter and a magnet rotor, and as a result are able to achieve greater efficiency in air-flow systems than some kinds of AC motors. (Although AC current is used for ECM, the ECM’s internal rectifier converts the current to DC voltage). Permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors, often used in conjunction with electronic SCR motors, are somewhat inefficient when used in air control systems because the fan motor noise requires the motor to run at less than a full load. When turned down, PSC efficiency suffers and falls in the range of 12 to45 percent. ECMs, on the other hand, maintain a high level (65 to 75 percent) of efficiency at a variety of speeds. As a result, ECMs are cost and energy efficient and can reduce operating costs. Additionally, ECMs are not prone to overheating and do not require additional measures to offset the generation of heat, as PSCs often do.
ECMs are also relatively low-maintenance; the use of true ball bearings reduces the need for oiling, and varied start-up speeds reduce stress on mounting hardware. The operating range is significant enough to enable one ECM to replace two induction-style models, which simplifies the replacement, maintenance, and installation processes, and minimizes product choices. However, not all ECM motors run at variable speeds and selection depends heavily upon application specifications. The initial cost of an ECM can be high, but is typically balanced by overall energy savings in the long run.