Fall furnace cleaning special:

  • If you are on a furnace plan with an oil company you are likely not recieving as thourough a cleaning as your appliance requires.  The big companies tend to overbook their technicians and limit their cleanings to an hour max, which may cause the technician to do a rushed job, often missing problems and skipping crucial steps.  After all, it is not in big oil's best interest to keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible.  They generate their income by selling you oil, not on the cheap service they provide.


Fall cleaning- $89.00 plus tax.  

  • Includes nozzle and oil filter replacement.  

  • Vacuuming of heat exchanger, combustion chamber and smoke pipe.  

  • Chimney inspection.  

  • Professional efficiancy test and optimization of combustion process.

  • Up to 1.5 hours of labour.

  • Free home heating consulation which will provide you with ideas and products to minimize your heating costs year over year.


*Does not apply to commercial heating equipment.


Call (902) 402-1049 to book a cleaning.


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