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So you are building a new house, or perhaps retrofitting your out of date heating system. Someone gives you the idea to use an electric boiler instead of an oil or gas boiler. They site all kinds of enviromental reasons. Things like "oil and gas boilers create green house gas emissions". Or "burning oil is for heat is stinky and messy". Well they are half right, burning fuel to create heat will emit some green house gases. But a properly set up and maintained appliance will minimize this to a very low enviromental impact. In fact, a properly burning appliance will emit less than 50 parts per million maximum of carbon monoxide and quite often less than 10 parts per million.

Now wait you say. Electric boilers have no green house gas emissions, therefore they are more enviromentally friendly. Well...This may be true in an area that generates its power from a clean, renewable energy source, however NS Power generates over 80% of its electricity from burning coal. Now if you've ever stood on the water front in Halifax and watched the big three NS Power smoke stacks spew countless tonnes of black coal smoke into the air you are starting to understand what I mean.

Ultimately renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and tidal power are where we as a civilization must turn. But unfortunately that is an expensive task and is likely going to be implimented very slowly, if ever.

My mission as a heating contractor in Nova Scotia today is to minimize the enviromental impact of the current heating technologies such as oil and gas, while trying to help usher in an age of cleaner renewable energy. Every year I prevent tonnes of greenhouse gas emisions by cleaning, upgrading, down firing and optimizing combustion in heating equipment. Let me get to work for you. Together we can make a difference.

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