Electric boilers:

Electric boilers are becoming more popular these days, mostly due to the fact that you do not require a fuel tank.  While this is a definite benifit, there are also downsides.  An electric boiler is going to cost you more to heat your home year over year, and this will only get worse a NS Power continues it's irrational rate hikes.  Electric boilers themselves do not emit any green house gases so many people believe them to be enviromentally friendly, however since NS Power generates over 80% of its electricity by burning coal, this is quite the opposite. 

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Halifax Electric Boilers

Benjamin AQ Series Electric Boiler

  • 100% energy efficient

  • Variable setpoint input (110 - 200 deg. F)

  • Separate, fixed 180 deg setpoint input for indirect" requirements

  • Plate steel vessel for long life

  • One-piece, pre-wired, for ease of shipping and installation

  • Available from 6KW to 24KW

  • Tridicator and pressure relief valve supplied

  • CAN/CSA B366.1