• Do you heat with oil?  I can save you money.  Why let big oil service your equipment?  They have ZERO motivation to save you money because they generate their revenue by selling you oil.  The less oil you burn, the less money they make.


  • Over my years as a heating technician in Halifax, I have seen many unmaintained and ineffiecient heating units waste far too much oil.  A lot of people are still using technology designed the in 1960's to heat their homes.  And these same boilers are still being pushed as the "cost effective" replacement unit by big oil.


  • This over consumption of fuel is not only bad for your wallet, it is toxic to our enviroment as well and is causing many tonnes of unnecessary green house gas emissions each year.  Both of these problems can be solved with a quality annual heating service from a professional independant heating contractor.


  • Oil heating has advanced tremendously over the years and now offers unsurpassed total value if implemented correctly.  


  • Award winning (2010 Nova Scotia Skills Competition, and Shell Canada award in customer service excellence) red seal oil heat systems technician as well as a third block air conditioning and refrigeration technician.  Let me save you money on your energy needs year over year.  


  • Progressive Heating Technologies offers top quality, personal and professional service to anyone who is looking to save money and reduce their enviromental footprint.  Expect no gimmicks and no sales ploys.  With over 12 years of experience, we are trained in all forms of home heating and can help you to make the right choices when it comes to your home heating needs.  We stand on the cutting edge of new technologies that will minimzie your energy use for years to come.


  • Locally owned and operated.       

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Completing this furnace service with a digital combustion test to ensure best possible oil savings.